Burning Of Devil in Guatemala 2016 | Guatemalans Tradition | Quema del Diablo

Burning Of Devil  Quema del Diablo Guatemala

A tradition Which Started In 18th Century Which They Call It Burning Of Devil Quema del Diablo
, Its a Old School tradition in which they Burn The Devil  Quema del Diablo By Cleaning Their House Mess

Burning Of Devil Quema del Diablo

And Their Garbage By Making Lanterns Or Born-Fire, People of Guatemala Belives the Virgin Mary
Was blessed One to conceive baby jesus, Must Be Free any Devil, that Why They Call This
Burning the Devil Quema del Diablo in order to Protect And Freed From Devil

Burning Of Devil Quema del Diablo


People Of Guatemala Celeberates Burning Of Devil Quema del Diablo On  Every December 7,

Štory Is The Devil Lives under beds and under thier furniture and also in Garbage Meaning In Dirty Places
. so they clean Thier House Just to get rid of devil.

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